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Huntington Rubber Sales, LLC is a US stocking supplier of neoprene rubber, also known as closed cell sponge. Twenty five years in the rubber industry have honed our expertise. As experienced and trusted rubber sheet suppliers, we can assist you in choosing the appropriate neoprene rubber sheet stock for your manufacturing needs or with the fabrication of either cut parts or finished goods.
Our warehouse, located in Southern California for optimum efficiency in importing time since 1996, maintains inventory in a wide variety of Neoprene fabric laminates (both in 100% Neoprene and SBR blends) in thickness from 1.5 mm - 6.0 mm.
To meet your specific manufacturing needs, 100% Neoprene, SBR Blends, and EPDM are available in thickness from 1.0mm to 30.0mm. Neoprenes with fabric laminates are available from 1.5 mm - 12.0 mm. Our rubber is available in densities from soft wetsuit-grade to extra-firm orthotic grade.

All of our neoprene is 100% latex free (contains NO irritating latex or natural rubber that can cause allergic reactions). Our neoprene polymer compounds are mixed, expanded, cured, and precision skived to accurate thickness, providing you with premium quality sheet stock every time.
Neoprene is a perfect match for many industries. Our valued customers use both our sheet stock and finished goods for: Wetsuits, Diving Suits, Clothing, Buffing Cloths, Scuba Diving suits, Boots, Gloves, Athletic Supporters, Surf Suits, Medical Braces, Wheelchair Padding, Boat Covers, Seat Covers, Automobile Industry, Equestrian Products, Canine Products.
We value our customers. Having an efficient warehouse located near both the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, coupled with excellent customer service and years of experience, have allowed us to provide quality products in a timely manner to customers across the US and Canada. Let us assist you with your manufacturing needs.
To fulfill your specific manufacturing needs we offer premium quality neoprene sheet stock, custom finished products, and cut parts.
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